What is better than having your broker invest their money in perks for agents? Letting the agents keep all the money they earn! It’s your business, you did all the work, and the money you earned belongs to you. 100% commission is not new, but the way we do business is, with your best interest in mind. Why give other brokers more of your hard earned money when you can keep it for yourself? Our non-split plans are unsurpassed. You are a real estate professional. You work hard and bring valuable knowledge and unique experience to every deal. You deserve the freedom and flexibility Quest Real Estate offers.

Commission Comparison
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100% Commission Plans

Transaction Plan

$395 per year plus $295 per transaction
Max. per year: $9,995
no additional fees

Agent Freedom Plan

$549 per month no additional fees

Team Freedom Plan

$299 per month per team agent no additional fees
If you’re interested in elevating your career with Quest, let’s talk about the possibilities!

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We Provide

  • IDX with a CRM
  • Professionally-branded email
  • File review for compliance
  • Paperless Document Management System

PLUS, Agents:

  • Negotiate their own commissions
  • Receive commissions within 48 hours of closing
  • Receive sales and broker support