Searching For A New Home Is Easy

Each day, we can automatically email you new listings that match your personalized search criteria. Simply sign up to receive Quest Home Listing Email Alerts. Every morning, we will search the MLS database and notify you with the latest information, including new listings, price changes, and solds.

If you prefer to browse the listings yourself or haven’t yet decided in which area you’d like to buy, use the Quest Home Finder to find your dream home. No matter how you choose to conduct your home search, we will be available to answer all your questions. When you find a home you’d like to see, you can schedule a showing by clicking a link on the page.

You have a loan pre-approval letter, right? If you’re serious about buying a home, you should be pre-approved for a loan before beginning your home search. The letter will give you a big advantage over many of the people making offers on homes you want.

Loan Pre-Approval Is A Super Power

All home purchase offers are not created equally. Unless you’re making a cash offer, yours may not be able to compete with contending bids. Here’s the reasons why you should get a loan pre-approval letter before you begin shopping for a home.

  • You know how much you can afford to buy.
  • Sellers will take you seriously because they know you’re qualified to buy.
  • You will find out how much money you need to close.
  • Even if a seller accepts your offer without pre-approval, the additional delays it causes may cause the seller to move on to another offer.
  • Pre-approval does not obligate you to use that lender. You can continue to seek better loan opportunities before closing.